Our Story

Nuvolex is a company made up of very passionate entrepreneurs with many years of real-world experience in IT, Enterprise software, multiple startups and Venture Capital.  The company was built to address a key need created by the massive disruption public cloud has had on the IT industry.

The key need Nuvolex addresses is the ability for organizations as well as IT services providers to easily and cost effectively manage public cloud services. At Nuvolex, we build very intuitive, highly automated cloud management solutions that help lower the operating cost of delivering and supporting public cloud.

The company’s strong domain knowledge and early customer involvement allowed us to develop Nuvolex into the highly intuitive, very powerful and scalable platform that it is today.  Existing customers who participated in early beta releases have proactively added great insights and significant improvements to the platform. As a result, IT organizations are seeing a significant reduction in IT support cost of public cloud services inside their organization.

Stay tuned - We have a lot more innovation on the way!