Preferred Practices for Office 365 ProPlus Deployment

Preferred Practices for Office 365 ProPlus Deployment

Here ye! Here ye! Microsoft has released Preferred Practices for Office 365 ProPlus Deployment. ProPlus consists of Microsoft’s productivity apps, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which are offered in a monthly subscription, much like Adobe has done with Adobe Creative Cloud.

IT professionals are burdened with the task of having to deal with infrastructure assessment, and planning for migration, which are no small tasks...

Microsoft O365 to Work With Bitcoin Transactions

Microsoft O365 to Work With Bitcoin Transactions

And it starts! It has been a somewhat upward battle for the cryptocurrency world, but that hasn’t stopped progress from happening. Once considered a part of the dark web, the outer ring of the tech world is finally recognizing the value of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin — Microsoft Office 365 being a major player.

Remove the Complexity of Hybrid Cloud Management

Thousands of companies that migrate to Microsoft Office 365 run into problems managing their users, groups, and licenses.  They are beginning to realize all the complexities that come with hybrid cloud management. Steven Goodman touches on the best solutions for managing O365 from Active Directory and how companies like Nuvolex can provide answers.

The Switch From Migration to Management

As IT departments develop and make the move to cloud services like O365 and Azure, the question becomes how does IT manage it all? J. Peter Bruzzese touches on how Nuvolex can solve these management problems in his most recent article.

Nuvolex attending Microsofts World Partner Conference

This week the team takes to Toronto, Canada for Microsoft's World Partner Conference. We are more than excited to see all the partners that are in attendance this year but we are even more excited to show them the power of Nuvolex!

Over the course of the three day conference we hope to be able to show all Office365 Enterprises what it means to truly eliminate the pains of everyday IT management and administration. We have already been lucky enough to garner the support of Microsoft MVP J. Peter Bruzzese on our multitenant Office365 platform. We hope to continue to wow others with our unprecedented software and service as we know we can! 

If your at #WPC16 this week make sure you come by booth #543 to see a demo of how we can bring the cloud to your enterprise. 

Office 365 & Education – Gotta “Light Up” Those Free Licenses!

Microsoft is doing a great job giving educational institutions low cost, and often times, free access to Office 365. The application is very powerful, feature rich, and continues to get better with the ongoing addition of features and services being rolled into an Office 365 license. Nice strategy! This is particularly valuable to the K-12 education community, which is more resource and capital constrained than the colleges and universities of the Higher Education community. However, the question remains – when can you count this strategy a success? Are EDUs “lighting up” these Office 365 licenses?

Making Money with O365 Managed Services

I’m always fascinated when I talk to IT services providers about the cloud – particularly public cloud. To my amazement, many of these folks think public cloud will erode a chunk of their IT services business, especially the IT services providers that deal with Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs).  

I guess the logic is as follows:

You have these IT services providers that have made their living managing customers’ On Premise resources (both hardware and software) and charge a set monthly fee. They also get an additional commission check by reselling these same customers all the hardware and software they need. The beauty of it is that all commissions were paid up front. Pretty sweet! 

Then public cloud shows up ... 

Mailbox Delegation 101

You may encounter various situations where a user needs to “delegate” or share their mailbox with another user inside of their organization. I personally have been various business cases where sharing user mailboxes is a critical function. Sometimes a team needs to access a single user’s mailbox so they can all work a similar load. Or an executive assistant needs to help executives work through their mountain of emails. And I have even seen cases of an overly paranoid manager needing to see what their users are up to. This permission type is called “Full Access”. But gaining access to another user’s mailbox is not the only function of mailbox delegation. You can also establish “Send As” and “Send on Behalf”permissions so delegated users can send mail as another user.

We're live!!!

After a long period of time in stealth mode, Nuvolex is finally live - and we're pumped! 

We took the covers off the website 2wks ago - because it was time.  In the startup world, people talk a lot about MVP (Minimum Viable Product).  For us, it was critical that we felt our first release truly was VIABLE (aka - worth using).  We have a sole focus at Nuvolex, which is to build the worlds most intuitive public cloud management platform.  Our initial release supports Office 365 - the fastest growing product in the history of Microsoft!

Our company started with a conversation over dinner between an IT Service Provider and a serial entrepreneur.  Learning about the massive global shift from the On Premise world to cloud and the lack of solutions for IT Providers to cost effectively deliver these cloud services drove us to act.  

Fast forward @ 1.5 years and after a lot of hard work by a very dedicated and amazing team, we have what is our initial release - a multitenant O365 management platform.  We're very proud of what we've built, but have an extremely high standard and will never be satisfied.  

We're constantly innovating in ways that don't exist in the market and we're excited to continue to deliver features and services that will always set us apart.  

We hope that our customers will love our product, but equally important, provide continuous feedback on how we can make our product even better.  We hope to find great partners to work with; helping compliment our current offering as well as allowing us better reach into the massive Office 365 community.

It feels great to be live!