We're live!!!

After a long period of time in stealth mode, Nuvolex is finally live - and we're pumped! 

We took the covers off the website 2wks ago - because it was time.  In the startup world, people talk a lot about MVP (Minimum Viable Product).  For us, it was critical that we felt our first release truly was VIABLE (aka - worth using).  We have a sole focus at Nuvolex, which is to build the worlds most intuitive public cloud management platform.  Our initial release supports Office 365 - the fastest growing product in the history of Microsoft!

Our company started with a conversation over dinner between an IT Service Provider and a serial entrepreneur.  Learning about the massive global shift from the On Premise world to cloud and the lack of solutions for IT Providers to cost effectively deliver these cloud services drove us to act.  

Fast forward @ 1.5 years and after a lot of hard work by a very dedicated and amazing team, we have what is our initial release - a multitenant O365 management platform.  We're very proud of what we've built, but have an extremely high standard and will never be satisfied.  

We're constantly innovating in ways that don't exist in the market and we're excited to continue to deliver features and services that will always set us apart.  

We hope that our customers will love our product, but equally important, provide continuous feedback on how we can make our product even better.  We hope to find great partners to work with; helping compliment our current offering as well as allowing us better reach into the massive Office 365 community.

It feels great to be live!