Preferred Practices for Office 365 ProPlus Deployment

Here ye! Here ye! Microsoft has released Preferred Practices for Office 365 ProPlus Deployment. ProPlus consists of Microsoft’s productivity apps, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which are offered in a monthly subscription, much like Adobe has done with Adobe Creative Cloud.


IT professionals are burdened with the task of having to deal with infrastructure assessment, and planning for migration, which are no small tasks. In fact, as comprehensive as the document is, IT pros will still have to follow all of the external links provided in the document, and refer to sites, such as TechCrunch for help.


For assessments, the guide assists organization anticipate compatibility issues. For example, Microsoft’s guide shows IT professionals how to set a discovery process in motion for issues with Visual Basic for Applications, Macros, complex documents, and other third-party goodies.

Despite that, Microsoft has no ready-to-go discovery tool for migrations to Office 365 ProPlus, which means Telemetry requires registry edits for use with Office versions that are older.


For planning, Microsoft covers setting up user groups, through a complex process of setting up channels. The issue, though is with Office 365 updates being distributed from an organization’s on-site server. This means the click-to-run service just won’t work.


The OneNote document can be downloaded from Microsoft Office 365 Fast Track. If your organization is looking for a much easier way of dealing with user groups, and migrations, though, Nuvolex has an incredibly user friendly application that pretty much cuts out all of the complex steps, which means an organization’s IT crowd is not required for these tasks.


Check it out and give it a free trial!