The Education market is an aggressive adopter of Office 365.  Whether  K-12 or Higher Education (University and Community Colleges), academic institutions across the world are embracing public cloud and specifically Office 365.  However, it does come with it's own set of administrative challenges.  

For starters, many of these institutions have to manage very large volumes of users.  This is not easy with traditional administration portals.  Most portals are geared towards single user or limited group size administration. Also within the EDU community, there exists a fair amount of user churn. Every year, semester, quarter - users are being on-boarded and off-boarded.  These user on-boards and off-boards can easily number in the thousands.  Managing these volume moves and attribute assignments/unassignments can be extremely time consuming and overwhelming.

Ideally suited for the Education market, the Nuvolex platform excels in managing large volumes of users.  Whether it's on-boarding or off-boarding thousands of users at a time, assigning or unassigning all these users' licenses and attributes, Nuvolex preforms these functions with ease.  With Nuvolex, education administrators can manage their large user base of students, faculty and staff literally with clicks of a button.  There is no longer a need for PowerShell scripts or complicated algorithms to automate volume user manipulation.  Everything is done with a very simple and intuitive user interface. 

This capability is only possible with the Nuvolex platform.