Microsoft has a dominant presence in the Enterprise.  95% of all corporate identities worldwide reside in Active Directory.  On Premise Exchange has been the email service of choice for large corporations for a very long time. However, with the growth in cloud computing and the significant improvements in public cloud security, Enterprises are now considering the benefits of shifting components of their business to the cloud.  One major financial driver for large organizations is moving capital expenses to operating expenses, and they see the cloud as a viable approach to derive such a financial benefit.  The question is – where do they start?

Email is an obvious initial target for Enterprises that look to benefit from the movement to the cloud.  Office 365 (Exchange Online) is a natural first step for these corporations to pursue.  Email is the dominant application across the Enterprise and one that can quickly benefit from such a migration.  However, this type of shift is not always straightforward.

Enterprises are very complex organizations with a large user community.  Even with the improvement in cloud security, many enterprises still want the flexibility of managing a portion of their data within the public cloud but keep their more sensitive data internal.  Organizations need to easily manage these hybrid environments, with large volumes of users, do it securely across global locations, and have it be very cost effective.

Nuvolex has the ideal solution for the Enterprise customer. When using Nuvolex, both On Premise and cloud Exchange users coexist within the same User Interface, and the IT administrator can manage both user types concurrently. Our platform excels in managing large volumes of users and tenants, commonly found in these organizations.  This is all done with clicks of a button.  Enterprises can use Nuvolex to manage their O365 hybrid environments, even across multiple O365 tenants.  With our multi-language capability, we can support global locations and the local languages associated with each region.  With our Role Based Access panel, we can tightly control user and administrator access based on very granular rights given to each person responsible for managing the Enterprise’s O365 account.

Many more advanced administration features exist on our platform that are ideal for Enterprises that have adopted Office 365.  Lower your Office 365 support costs with Nuvolex.