Why wouldn't I just use the Microsoft Management Portal instead of Nuvolex?

The Microsoft Management Portal is fine if you have a limited number of customers and/or users to manage. If you're planning to build an O365 managed services practice or you already have a large number of users and/or tenants to manage, Nuvolex is the most intuitive and easy to use O365 management portal in the market.

As an MSP, our firm has many admins, each responsible for a different set of customers. Can we assign specific customers and administration capabilities for each admin using Nuvolex?

Absolutely! Our role based administration portal is very unique and allows for distinct account and management capability for each of your admins. You can also assign advanced roles to select admins that allow for full oversight and authority of all admins and customers. The offering is very powerful.

Can I do administrative tasks to more than one user at a time?

One of the key strengths of the Nuvolex platform is you can manipulate one to literally thousands of users at a time with clicks of a button. Whether it's assigning/unassigning licenses, adding or removing users from a Distribution Group, changing passwords (the list goes on...) - all these functions can be done very easily and quickly.

We've designed the platform to make it so intuitive that you can use entry level admins to manage all your customers and their users, freeing up your higher level admins to focus on the more critical IT tasks.

I'm an MSP and I have some customers that want to "self administer" their O365 account but they'll quickly get overwhelmed with the Microsoft Admin Portal. Can they use the Nuvolex portal instead?

The beauty of the Nuvolex role based administration panel is that you can even give your customers an account on the platform and provide them as little or as much administrative capability as they can handle - and charge them accordingly. At the same time, you don't have to worry what they're doing because we track every transaction. So you can provide your customers more control over their O365 account and provide them with administrative oversight. They will be under your account umbrella.

You'll know at all times what what your customers did, when they did it, who did it and what was the result. You'll also be able to provide alternative price points for the customers that want to "self administer" their own O365 account, yet want the security of having you provide technical oversight and support. You both win using Nuvolex.

Can I white label your offering?

Absolutely! White labeling capability is also included in the cost.

How much does it cost to use the Nuvolex platform?

We charge based on the number of mailboxes managed. So if you have 30 customers, and each customer has 100 users that all have O365 Exchange mailboxes, then we'll charge you for each of those 3000 mailboxes that you're managing on Nuvolex. The price/mailbox managed is a very small fraction of what you'll charge your customer, if you're an MSP or VAR. If you're an admin in a large organization, you'll lower the operating cost of managing O365. The more mailboxes you manage on Nuvolex, the cheaper the price.

Will O365 be the only cloud service offered on the Nuvolex platform?

Definitely not! We plan to offer many cloud services beyond O365.

Stay tuned...