How do I start using Nuvolex?

To start using Nuvolex, sign up for a free 30 day trial. Once your trial has started, all you need to do is import your Office365 tenants, create Nuvolex administrator accounts for the members of your team, and then optionally integrate with your on premise Active Directory domain. Fully configuring Nuvolex for your organization takes less than 1 hour.

Can I delegate IT administrators to only have access to one or many Organizational Units (OUs)?

Absolutely! Nuvolex fully supports OU level IT administrator delegation. Nuvolex can import the OU structure from your on premise Active Directory domain. This allows you to assign Nuvolex administrator access to any number of OUs based on your existing Active Directory OU structure. If your organization uses cloud only user accounts (AzureAD Users), you can create a cloud OU structure for your cloud users and then delegate Nuvolex administrators rights to one or many cloud OUs.

Does Nuvolex work with ADFS?

Nuvolex works alongside of ADFS and does not interfere with ADFS operations. Nuvolex does not synchronize Active Directory objects or provide end user authentication into cloud services. Nuvolex sits between the IT administrator and Office365/Active Directory services in order to write changes directly to Office365/Active Directory users, groups or resources. Our functionality is designed around the constraints of ADFS and Directory Synchronization to prevent overlap between Nuvolex and your existing business critical services.

How is Nuvolex hosted?

Nuvolex is fully hosted in Microsoft Azure across the North America and Europe regions.

Do I need to install anything?

There is no installation required to use Nuvolex to manage your Office365 tenants. However, if you wish to integrate Nuvolex with your on premise Active Directory domain, you will need to install the Nuvolex AD Agent - which is a simple wizard driven installation. Installation and configuration of the Nuvolex AD Agent takes less than 2 minutes.

Is there a limit to the amount of IT administrators or Tenants my organization can add to Nuvolex?

For the Nuvolex Enterprise version there are no limits on the amount of IT administrators or Tenants that can be added to your account.

For the Nuvolex Lite version there is a limit of 5 IT administrators per account and unlimited tenants that can be added to your account.

Does Nuvolex store any end user password information?

Nuvolex never reads or stores any password data from end user Active Directory or AzureAD accounts.

Does the Nuvolex AD Agent sync Active Directory users and groups to the cloud?

No, the Nuvolex AD Agent does not sync Active Directory objects or other Active Directory data to cloud services. Directory Synchronization platforms (such as AADConnect, Okta, other SSO) must still be deployed inside your directory environment to keep cloud and on premise directories synchronized.

Can I onboard my OUs from on premise Active Directory?

Yes! The Nuvolex AD Agent is able to read and import your existing Active Directory OU structure directly into Nuvolex. You can also add or move users into Active Directory OUs and assign IT administrator access rights to each imported Active Directory OU.

Why wouldn't I just use the Microsoft Management Portal instead of Nuvolex since it’s free?

The Microsoft Management Portal is fine if you have a very limited number of Office365 tenants and users to manage. We recommend using that and not paying for any third party Office365 administration portal if you fall into this category of customer. However, if you have to manage a large number of Office365 users and licenses (> 500) and/or have more than one Office365 tenant to manage, we definitely recommend using Nuvolex. Our platform is the most advanced Office365 management platform in the IT industry and was built specifically to manage scale. Unlike the Microsoft administration portal, there’s no need to write any PowerShell scripts to automate manually intensive tasks when using Nuvolex. Because Nuvolex has heavy service automation and a highly intuitive user interface, you can pass off daily Office365 administration to your Help Desk staff and refocus your senior IT resources towards more complex tasks. The time and resource savings that come with using Nuvolex almost pay for the product itself!

We have a lot of IT administrators inside our company and we need to be able to assign them to different sets of users. Can we assign specific administration rights for each IT administrator using Nuvolex?

Absolutely! Our Role Based Access Control capability is both very unique and enables very granular access rights for each of your IT administrators on our platform. With Nuvolex, you can control access of your Office365 tenant down to the OU and attribute level. This capability provides a much higher degree of security and compliance than what is currently offered with the Microsoft Office365 administration portal. Along with that, we have full auditing and reporting to complement our RBAC capability.

Can I do more than one administrative tasks to more than one user at a time?

One of the key strengths of Nuvolex is the ability to take action against one to literally thousands of Office365 users at a time – done with a handful of mouse clicks. We’ve termed this capability “SuperClick™” – the Nuvolex batch automation engine. Whether it's assigning/unassigning licenses, adding or removing users from a Distribution Group, changing passwords (the list goes on) – multiple actions taken against an unlimited number of users with a single mouse click – incredibly powerful!! The SuperClick™ engine also comes in very handy during onboarding and offboarding and can also be used to do mass license provisioning during your migration to Office365.

I'd like to have the ability to give a customer "self-administer" rights to their Office365 tenant, but they’re quickly overwhelmed using the Office365 Administration Portal. Can they use Nuvolex instead?

The beauty of the Nuvolex Role Based Access Control capability is that you can even give your end customers or divisions within your organization platform access. You allow them as little or as much administrative access as you see fit. At the same time, you don't have to wonder what they're doing because the platform tracks every single transaction – who did it, when did they do it, what did they do, what was the result.

Can I white label Nuvolex?

Absolutely, and white labeling our platform is very easy to do.

How much does it cost to use Nuvolex?

We charge based on the number of users being managed on Nuvolex. You can have an unlimited number of IT administrators and Office365 tenants on the platform and we don’t charge extra for that. The price per user is a very small fraction the Office365 license price. The more users you manage on Nuvolex, the cheaper the price per user managed. The time and cost savings you realize with Nuvolex will almost pay for the cost of the platform – and that statement we can back with actual statistics!

Will Office365 be the only cloud service offered on Nuvolex?

Definitely not! We plan to offer many cloud services beyond Office365. Stay tuned, lots of exciting stuff coming…