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A true enterprise class public cloud management platform must support critical administrative functions that are minimum requirements by large, globally distributed organizations:


Advanced Office 365 administrative functions

  • Efficiently manage user attributes and mailboxes using an intuitive and modern interface
  • Add/remove O365 licenses and attributes to 1-1000s of users at a time. 
  • No longer a need to write complex PowerShell scripts 
  • Automate new user provisioning with fine grained mailbox and user attributes

Multitenant Management

  • Manage all Office365 tenants from a single portal
  • Delegate IT Admin rights to one or many tenants 
  • Integrates easily with CSP Delegated Administrator tenants
  • Full visibility into all Office365 tenants you manage

Hybrid Office365 Administration

  • Concurrently manage all on premise AD users and their Office 365 attributes from a single admin portal
  • Reset AD user passwords
  • Easily update AD user attributes that writes back to on premise AD
  • Seamlessly manage AD Groups and cloud based group membership

OU Based Management 

  • Ability to take a very large tenant and break it out into a logical user/OU hierarchy, similar to OUs in Active Directory
  • Apply automation policies with Office365 attribute assignments on a per OU basis
  • Delegate IT Admin access to one or many OUs


  • Get information on Office365 license usage for one or many tenants in a single report
  • Run reports on user mailboxes and immediately take action to proactively solve issues
  • Report on IT Admin actions across multiple tenants

Role Based Administration 

  • Create custom roles for each IT Admin on your team based on their role or Administrative scope
  • Grant IT Admin access to one or many Office365 tenants
  • Delegate IT Admins access based on OUs to limit the groups of users an IT can manage 
  • Define the administrative actions that an IT Admin is permitted to perform such as password reset, mailbox changes, license assignment, and many others... 

Auditing Administrative Actions 

  • Track and monitor all changes IT Admins perform
  • Visibility on which users were updated and what changes were applied
  • See who on your IT Admin team made changes to users 
  • All administrative functions on Nuvolex are tracked automatically