The Nuvolex platform enables IT services providers to easily and very cost effectively deliver public cloud managed services to their customer base. The initial release of our platform focuses on one of the largest public cloud offerings in the market today - Office 365.  There are over 500M On Premise Exchange licenses worldwide.  Microsoft (with the help of third party vendors) will move most, if not all of these licenses to Office 365. 

There are three primary business opportunities for service providers that come with this move from On Premise Exchange to Office 365:

1. Email Migration Services

2. Reselling Office 365 Licenses

3. Office 365 Managed Services

The third offering - Office 365 managed services - creates an additional ongoing annuity stream, which every service provider desires.  It also opens the door to selling additional cloud managed services inside the customer. 

Nuvolex has built such an intuitive platform that service providers can use entry level (aka: low cost) administrators to deliver these Office 365 managed services to their customers.  This allows service providers to re-purpose their senior level administrators for higher valued service offerings.  With the Nuvolex platform enabling a reduced operating cost, you can generate much greater margin and profitability with your Office 365 managed services business. 

For customers that want to manage their own Office 365 account but find the Microsoft management portal difficult to navigate, service providers can white label the Nuvolex platform and create an Office 365 account for each of their "self managed" customers - and the flexibility to offer it at a reduced price point. Customers can use this more intuitive management portal to manage their Office 365 users while the service provider offers administrative oversight via the Nuvolex auditing feature.