Adoption of cloud services by Enterprises and SMBs has been quite disruptive to the Value Added Reseller community.  Historically, VARs have generated a bulk of their revenue reselling hardware and software.  With the global movement to cloud computing, VARs have had to evolve their business model to support the reselling of cloud services to their traditional customer base as well as new companies "born in the cloud".

The downside of cloud services for VARs is that they are no longer realizing the large up front commissions at the initial point of sale with their customers as they did in the past.  Instead, much smaller commission payments are being recognized over many months when selling cloud services.  To help grow that monthly revenue stream for VARs, Nuvolex has created a platform to easily and very profitably allow them to deliver public cloud managed services to compliment their sales of cloud services.  The first release of our platform allows for delivery of Office 365 managed services.  At the point of sale, offering managed services along with the sale of cloud licenses is the ideal time to capture this new cloud computing revenue opportunity. 

As an additional benefit when using Nuvolex, VARs can alternatively allow their customers to "self manage" their own licenses with a white labeled O365 management portal offered in our initial release.  Our platform is highly automated and very intuitive, significantly decreasing the administrative efforts associated with Office 365. 

Nuvolex helps VARs create an incremental and very profitable annuity stream that compliments sales of public cloud services.