Video Overviews

Below are videos highlighting some of the features of the Nuvolex Platform


Multi-Tenant Management: 

This video demonstrates how the Nuvolex platform can easily manage multiple tenants from the same UI. You no longer need to log in and out of the Microsoft portal to manage multiple tenants. This is easily done with Nuvolex. 


Managing Distribution Groups:

Easily navigate from one Distribution Group to another, while being able to easily add or remove one or many users at a time. Make multiple Distribution Group changes instead of navigating group by group or user by user. 


Edit User Panel: 

Easily access and manage any user's identity information as well as Office 365 licenses/ attributes from one location. This eliminates the frustrating task of searching the Office 365 administration portal for key attributes of a user. With Nuvolex, they're all in one centralized location. 


License Assignment: 

Assignment of licenses for Office 365 has never been easier. Add one or thousands of users  multiple license types with simple mouse clicks.