Managing an Office365 environment that has user identities located on premise in Active Directory can be a complex undertaking. Ideally, organizations have consolidated all Active Directory domains and forests into one location to partially reduce this Office365 administrative challenge. The reality is, many Enterprises don’t have just one Active Directory domain/forest where users reside. The cost and time required to consolidate all AD domains and forests is significant.

There has never been a highly intuitive “single pane of glass” administration portal for Office365, specifically built for the Help Desk staff to easily manage Office365 tenants/OUs/users/licenses whether users are stored in one or many AD domains…

…until now.

Join this 30-minute webinar to see how Nuvolex, the most advanced Office365 management platform in the IT industry, automates Office365 provisioning and ongoing administration for any type of AD environment.

Thursday January 25
11am PDT 


Hosted by Josh Keefer
Nuvolex Product Manager and Office365 Administrator

Learn how to: 

• Easily manage Office365 in a Hybrid Identity environment

• Organizational Units and Group Policy for Office365

• Control admin access    across multiple  Domains/OUs in Office365

• Bulk changes in Office365 to any number of users in 4 mouse clicks