The ability to cost effectively deliver public cloud services is vital to large organizations as well as IT Services Providers. 

We can deliver this and more.


The Nuvolex Platform enables fast provisioning/de-provisioning and very efficient day-to-day management of Office 365 users and licenses.  Powerful automation replaces the requirement for complex PowerShell scripts.

A role based administration portal provides flexible access on a per tenant basis, enhancing end customer security. A comprehensive audit and reporting dashboard captures all administrator and customer actions. Additional functionality includes white label support, multi-language and customer "self service" capability.

Nuvolex Multitenant O365 Management Platform


  • Advanced Office 365 administrative functions 
  • Multitenancy
  • Manage both Cloud & DirSync O365 accounts
  • Transaction Auditing 
  • Reporting
  • Role based administration 
  • End customer "self service" portal 
  • White label
  • Multi-language


  • Easily manage large volumes of O365 tenants/users/attributes with simple mouse clicks
  • No longer a need to write complex PowerShell scripts 
  • Concurently manage on premise AD users and Office 365 licenses and attributes from a single, remote UI
  • Easily Track and report on all adminstraive and customer activity
  • Option for customer "O365 self administration" while providing administrative oversight
  • Reduce O365 support costs.
  • Generate a very profitable ongoing annuity stream using the Nuvolex platform!